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BIM objects are processed for Software



BIM objects and components

They provide designers, architects and planners with the opportunity to save time

Increase the quality of the design and, most importantly, implement your products already in the conceptual design phase of the project.

In BIM projects, 3D product models are important not only as a supplement to drawings and details, but also as a means of communication and a source of information for all specialists on the project. High-quality BIM libraries enable architects to integrate detailed product data at the conceptual stage of a project and to take advantage of BIM solutions throughout the construction process.

Why use BIM?

Substantially more detailed construction documentation

Allows to speed up construction

Saving money during construction

Reducing the risk associated with information transfer

Facilitates cooperation between professions

Better coordination of on-site planning

Complete data is not lost, can be used for administration


BIM objects contain information about the manufacturer, including contacts, logo or link to the catalogue.

Utilizing BIM software such as Archicad allows you to incorporate the benefits of your products into the design and allows you to push specific products into the project specifications and reports.

This allows manufacturers to push their products into the client's design at the conceptual design stage. These objects also provide the possibility of parametric adjustment of elements and modification of material and visual qualities of the product.

BIM object libraries that are created to your specifications will make it faster and cheaper to reach potential customers. They contain the full range of products, model ranges and material variants, allowing architects, designers and planners to easily implement your products.

The use of BIM objects allows architects and designers to increase productivity and design quality and implement valuable information into the project. Products that are represented as BIM objects in a project are visible on every drawing, visualisation or report.

This is more effective than using marketing strategies with brochures and catalogues. BIM objects contain manufacturer information, including contact details, a logo or a link to a catalogue, allowing manufacturers to push their products into the client's design at the conceptual design stage.

The process of creating BIM objects

The creation of BIM libraries always starts with the design of 2D drawings obtained from the manufacturer.


Manufacturers provide complete documentation on each element, including dimensional parameters as well as material variants and other information for product digitization.We usually require 2D drawings in PDF or DWG format and specification sheets and catalogue documents can be in XML, WORD, PDF etc.

Conversion to the third dimension

The optimal process for creating BIM libraries is the gradual conversion of 2D documentation into a 3D model with further parameterization. The main difference between a BIM digital object and a traditional 3D model is the ability to change based on user-defined parameters. This requires the implementation of programming and other procedures to create a high quality and intelligent BIM element that represents a real physical product.

High-quality materials and textures

It is important to assign materials and colours according to the production requirements so that the presentation of the BIM objects is as close to reality as possible. And thus provide architects and designers with better and faster working conditions. In BIMsoft, we implement procedures to create quality materials and textures in combination with a detailed feature model. The result thus best matches the properties of the real product.

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